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It is so exciting to see you visiting our website! We are here for you, for we know that you matter to God, so you matter to us! We want to make friends with you and help you to be spiritually grounded in God. Let's all grow together through this very challenging season of history.

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Online Fellowship Program: Wednesdays at 7:30pm

Come and join the small group of good Christian folk online. It is a good fellowship gathering
of having light but meaningful conversations and hearing some deep stories of our own.

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Letters from the Pastor

SPRING, 2021

How was your Lenten journey?

Did you get in touch with yourself during this time to find out who you really are and whose you truly are?  Did you feel that some people were praying for you and your family?  Did you find the sweetness of the Holy Spirit… while in the midst of your struggles… while partaking the daily bread of scripture reading?


Forty days of your Lenten journey has nearly passed and we are getting closer to the sunrise of Easter; the day of the Lord’s resurrection.


“Resurrection is a sense of direction.”  I had to ponder what it means to me. 

 “… He is going ahead of you to Galilee”    “Go… make disciples...”  “Remember I am with you always, to the end of the age.”


A sense of direction… in each of the gospels, the resurrection moves people away from the tomb in the direction of the world.  The direction is away from death and toward life.


A sense of direction… “Why do you seek the living among the dead?”


The resurrection invites -- no -- the resurrection demands that we orient ourselves in a new direction.  What was, no longer is.  In order to meet the risen Christ in Galilee, in order to make disciples, in order to know Christ with us even to the end of the age, in order to be actually free and happy, we have to turn our backs on the empty tomb of the past and let the resurrection orient us in a new direction.  He is going before you to Galilee … already ahead of us, inviting us into a lively future with him in our life and in the work we are called to do.


“Resurrection is a sense of direction.”  How is it so for you?  When you meditate on the phrase, where does it take you?


May you be blessed this season of Eastertide with a sense of direction.  Christ is risen!

Christ is risen indeed!