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The Perfect Vision - 2021

Vision Team

Our Vision Statement

We are a Christ-centered family of Christians. We are actively seeking to grow the kingdom of God by bringing the Word and the love of God to the community. We may not always think alike, but we always love alike as God has taught us.

Five areas of Vision 2021

We have established a team based on a congregational brainstorming process and vote to work in areas of priority for our church.  Our Vision 2021 Team consists of 5 areas of focus. Each area of focus has a team leader, and a small group of volunteers.  We identify ways to improve and enhance each of our priorities, and work together towards those common goals.


Community Outreach

Vision Statement

                 Outreach Team is committed to bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ and His love

                 to our community as a whole.

We have supported several of those in need in our community. We are committed to develop more programs for the community and to let the community know that we are here for them.

Random Acts of Kindness (Kindness Kommittee)

Vision Statement

               The Kindness Kommittee strives to show appreciation and caring to our Community and our church members through Christian acts of love and sharing.  By acknowledging services and acts of others we hope to bring God to the forefront of our Mission.

We have provided lunch for some of our community workers and have a small group of Care Callers who make regular phone calls and sends cards to those who might not otherwise hear from someone during this pandemic.


We want to make our facility safe, inviting and missional, thus have improved different areas in and out of the facilities. We hope to find some creative way to find parking spaces.

Online Presence

We are making a commitment to improve our website and provide meaningful online worship service to keep the online community informed and touched through our media ministry


We are committed to let the community know about who we are and whose we are.  

ACTS 29 Outreach Team

Vision Statement

                  Acts 29 team brings the good news of Jesus Christ to all people, connecting

                  with individuals on a personal basis. 


As you may know, the book of Acts contains 28 chapters and tells the story of the growth of the early Christian church then and there.  We, at Audubon United Methodist Church, have decided to continue the work of growing the kingdom of God, by “writing” a new chapter here and now.  

The ACTS 29 Outreach team has taken on the task of supporting and helping our local community spiritually during these difficult times and beyond.


We continue to work on improving our ability to reach those in the surrounding towns.

We want to better understand the needs that members of the community have.


We want to spread the love of God to all in our local area.

We want to be invitational and welcoming to all who we are able to reach.

We want to reach out to those among us to show our love and support.

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